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Meet The Azad Leadership

When you are confronted with a task that seems daunting, you often turn to those who’ve conquered it in the past. AZAD was conceived by Rajiv Jamkhedkar, a career banker who himself achieved financial freedom in his 40s. Together with the other core team members Chaitali Dutta (COO) and Rajesh Iyer (CBO) who have also achieved financial freedom in their 40s, AZAD is a joint quest to spread the financial freedom movement and help make it come true for others.

Rajiv Jamkhedkar

The Azad Money Management Programme and its proprietary 7-Step Azad Model is the brainchild of Rajiv Jamkhedkar, Founder and Managing Director of Serengeti Ventures, which runs the AZAD Programme. A career banker, Rajiv achieved financial freedom at the age of 42, and gave up corporate life to pursue what he wanted to do.

Rajiv has 25 years of work experience and has worked in senior management roles for global banks like Citibank and HSBC. His last stint was as Managing Director and CEO with Aegon Religare Life Insurance.

Right from the early days of his career, Rajiv realised the significance of investing, and investing right. Educating himself over the years, he developed a method of investing – which has evolved into the Azad proposition today.

Thanks to achieving financial freedom, Rajiv’s typical week-day is not limited to work - he has time for his kids, and even enjoys the occasional siesta. Given his love for travel, he takes off on an exotic holiday when he feels like it. And financial freedom is not just fun and games for Rajiv – he is currently pursuing his dream, a PhD from Delhi University! He is also committed to being in the pink of health. You could say Rajiv, at 42, has earned the luxury of living his younger days again.

Buoyed by his own success in achieving financial freedom, he has conceived and established AZAD to help people become financially free – live life on their own terms without being burdened by the need to earn a livelihood.

To Rajiv, AZAD is not just a business idea – it is equally driven by the desire to make a significant social impact, because nothing matches the satisfaction that one derives by making a difference to someone’s life.

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Chaitali Dutta

Chaitali is passionate about helping families take the right decisions that will propel them towards financial wellness. She is totally committed to this life mission. For her, nothing is more gratifying than earning the trust of her clients. She leads the team of CFPs at Azad with ease because of her hands-on approach. Chaitali is meticulous and efficient in her work and expects no less from her team.

Chaitali has 28 years of experience in the financial sector. She started her career with RBI, moving onto SBI for a decade & a half and finally worked as a consultant with Barclays Bank. In 2007, she quit her work to start on a journey to pursue her passion.

She has helped more than 500 families to date - and for each of them, she has become guide, mentor and friend - all rolled into one! Her genuine and empathetic approach quickly puts her clients at ease where they are able to share their personal & financial data without the fear of being compromised. Chaitali believes in creating simple, straightforward solutions to complex problems. She keeps abreast of the ever changing financial terrain to offer the best and the latest updates to her clients.

Being an empty-nester, Chaitali divides her time between Mumbai and Hong Kong, the latter, as her husband is currently posted there. She loves travelling and has experienced the lively spice markets of Bali to the lush vineyards of Montepulciano, Tuscany to the peaceful bamboo forests of Arashiyama, Japan- all in the last six months. The best moments of her life are those she spends with her family.

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Rajesh Iyer

Rajesh Iyer is the Chief Business Officer for Serengeti Ventures Pvt Ltd which owns and runs The Azad Money Management Programme. A career banker, he achieved financial freedom at the age of 46, and decided to turn an entrepreneur to pursue his passion of building solutions for problems by leveraging his skill-set & enormous experience.

Rajesh has close to 3 decades of work experience including senior management roles in leading NBFCs in India and global banks like HSBC and Barclays.His last stint was as Director – Migrant & International Student Banking, South Asia with National Australia Bank.

Being responsible for setting up one of the earliest Financial Planning teams in the industry was what drew him to take his own money management & investing seriously, even as he worked with customers to help them get this right. Having learnt to do this the right way, and seeing the results that it delivered, Rajesh passionately believes that financial freedom is method-driven, and not a chance happening.

Thanks to achieving financial freedom, apart from Azad, Rajesh also runs multiple companies, a couple of which are in the financial technology space. Rajesh charts his work week flexibly, even as he says that he finds 24 hours too less to do all that he wants to do. He wants to make more time to pursue reading, yoga, music, photography and an educational venture that is in the works. He loves being with family and friends, and taking short/long holidays with them – places close to nature are his favourite locations. When asked, he says that he wishes he had taken this decision even earlier.

He is passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives through AZAD and strongly believes that he would never ever get bored, doing this. In his words, “AZAD is for those who see money as a means to something, and not necessarily an end in itself”.

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